How Can I Get Tech Support?

Welcome to the Tech Support Center, a hub for tips and best practices for the technology needed during the writing and publishing process.

The self-publishing process can utilize many different forms of technology. From your course, to the Mastermind Community, Microsoft Word, or Google Drive, the Tech Support Center shares videos and instructions to ensure that you feel confident using the resources available to you! 

The links below offer video instructions for the most common questions we receive. Simply click on the link of the topic you're wondering about to be directed to a specific Help Center article that addresses that question!

How to Use Your SPS Course

How to Use the Facebook Mastermind Community

How to Use the SPS Help Center

How to Use Google Docs

For More Help:

We're continually adding to this list! Don't see a topic covered that you'd like to? Please submit a support ticket at this link to let us know!