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How do I Log In or Access My Course?

Please read this article on how to access the courses inside the Teachable platform.

 After signing up, you will be getting two emails:

Email 1

From: Chandler Bolt

Subject Line: "ATTN: Self Publishing School Enrolment Email"

Open this email first as this includes your assigned password and the instructions on how to log-in.

Email 2

From: Self-Publishing School

Subject Line: "Welcome to Self-Publishing School! [Course Name]"

Inside this email there's a button that says "Confirm Email." Click that to confirm the email address you'll use to access the course and enter the password we've sent you from Email 1. You should be able to access the course after confirming your email! 


Important Note: Check your spam folder or the "Promotions" tab inside of Gmail if you haven't received these two emails yet. They sometimes take up to 10 minutes to send, depending on how many coffees the internet has had to drink today :)


    Ps. Click here to learn how to change your password after logging in.

    PPs. If you already have an account on Teachable with this email address, you'll see the other courses you've signed up for after you log in. If you want to just view courses you signed up for through Self-Publishing School, go to this link and bookmark it for easy access moving forward. https://students.self-publishingschool.com/courses/enrolled


    Are you a returning student of Self-Publishing School? Didn't find what you're looking for in this article? If you signed up or purchased a product before 2018, you should still be able to access it here: members.self-publishingschool.com