What does BAB stand for? Is this the VIP 2.0 program?

BAB stands for "Become a Bestseller," the new name of Self-Publishing School's flagship course, VIP 2.0!

As of Dec. 2019, we've changed the name of our VIP 2.0 program to Become a Bestseller.

Yes - it's a BIG change.

But the problem was, no one truly understood what VIP stood for. And when you're referring your author friends about the cool VIP program you're in, they wouldn't know what it stood for either.

But now, Become a Bestseller communicates exactly what the goal of the program is:

To help you Become a Bestseller

You'll continue to see the name changed, well, pretty much everywhere at Self-Publishing School.

Stay tuned because the best is yet to come!