All Resources for the Become a Bestseller Webinar

In this article you'll get access to all of the links mentioned in the Become a Bestseller Webinar "How to Write & Launch Your Book to $10,000 in 90 Days"

How do I sign up and watch the BAB Webinar?


Here's the link to sign up for the VIP Webinar. Pick the time that works best for you!


Where's the Webinar Workbook Chandler Mentioned?


You can get access to the Webinar Workbook (which includes the mindmap) by clicking HERE. Make sure you print the pdf and actually use it in the webinar!


I missed the BAB Webinar! Is There A Replay?


You can watch a recorded replay HERE. In case you're wondering you can always just sign up again by clicking on the sign up link in the first question


Where are the Webinar Slides?

Access the updated slides for the BAB Webinar by clicking HERE


Where are Chandler's "Cliffnotes" for the BAB Webinar?


Access them by clicking HERE

Where is the FREE Book Chandler mentions?

You can find everything here!