Help! I’m Stuck with the Post Launch Phase!

Authors put most of our focus on writing and publishing our book that by the time Launch Week ends, we are in need of a break. Don’t give in!

Keep your momentum going and set yourself and your book up for success beyond the launch period.


Follow the guidelines in this article to get as much exposure as you can by spreading the word that your book is officially published! These are recommended in addition to the typical promotions and marketing options.

#1 - Utilize your email list

Determine how often you would like to email your list. Some authors choose to send a weekly email, while others send a daily email. Do whichever you think is most beneficial to your audience. The choice is yours.


Remember to focus on adding value to their lives in each email instead of trying to sell more products to them. The more they feel cared for and important, the more likely they’ll buy more from you in the future.

#2 - Create a website

Having a website isn’t a necessity, but it certainly helps your credibility. Personalizing your website to address the needs or interests of your target audience is a great way of gaining exposure during the post launch phase.


Share the link to your website on your social media accounts. A great way to drive traffic to your website and add value to your readers’ lives is by offering free downloads or a free webinar on your website. Readers will sign up for your email list in order to receive the freebie on the landing page you create.


Some tabs you may want to include are Resources, Books, Appearances or Events, Gallery, Contact Me, About the Author, and/or a Blog. You can also link your social media feeds to your website to help readers find you easily.

#3 - Do as many podcast interviews as you can

If people are taking the time to listen to a podcast relating to your book topic, then they’ll certainly be willing to buy your book and read it. This is an excellent way to reach your target audience.


How to Become a Guest on a Podcast:

  • Research at least 50 podcasts that relate directly to your target audience on the good ole’ Google machine
  • Gather the following information for each podcast: podcast name, host, email address or contact form, the podcast’s mission, approximate number of episodes, website, and social media accounts
  • Listen to an episode to get a feel for what the podcast and host is like and if you would be a good fit
  • Personalize an email by mentioning the episode you listened to 
  • Be sure to focus on how the podcast’s audience would benefit from your message, rather than focusing on simply selling your book


They’re interested! Now what?

  • Prep key points you want to share so you can refer to it during your conversation with the host
  • Be yourself - Treat it more like a conversation than a formal interview
  • Follow up after your conversation is recorded with a thank you email or by sending them a complimentary copy of your book if they don’t have it already
  • Ask the host for at least 3 referrals to other podcasts they think you would be a good fit for

#4 - Establish your presence on social media

The most common social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. 


Remember that everyone has to start somewhere, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t have many followers in the beginning. Continue to believe in your book and your mission. Over time, your following will grow and you’ll start to gain some traction.