Help! I’m Stuck in the Book Launch Phase!

Follow the steps I’ve outlined here and you will be on your way to successfully sharing your book with the world.

At this point in your author journey, you’ve got your eye on the prize … your long awaited launch date is almost here!


But, how can you ensure a successful book launch?


Follow the steps I’ve outlined here and you will be on your way to successfully sharing your book with the world.


Let’s get started.

#1 - Create a catchy title and subtitle

Not only do you want the title to capture the attention of your audience, you also want it to clearly state what the book is about.

#2 - Have an eye-catching book cover

Answer the following questions as you carefully select your book cover:

  • Does your book cover convey the message  or depict the correct mood of your book?
  • Is it simple and clear?
  • Is the font for your title and subtitle easy to read?
  • Do the colors compliment each other well?

#3 - Set up a launch team

A launch team is an excellent way to spark hype about your book and build a tribe of people who are willing to share your message with the world.


The participants agree to:

  • Read your book
  • Leave an honest review on Amazon
  • Share the book on their social media accounts and with their friends and family
  • Support the launch of your book


The participants get:

  • A copy of your book for free or for $0.99 (typically as a PDF)
  • A clear overview of what is expected of them
  • A personalized thank you for writing a review on Amazon from the author
  • To be part of a community of people who have similar interests and want to share them with others


Launch team members should be part of your target audience. This will ensure that they will share it with people who have similar interests. Two ways you can communicate with your launch team is by creating a private Facebook group or setting up an email list.


Here are some possible emails or messages to share with your launch team along the way:

  • Welcome message - tell them about your book and mission
  • Freebies - provide 2 free downloads for them to use in addition to the book
  • Launch team updates - when the book will be available to them, when to post their review, etc.
  • It’s go time - when they can go ahead and download the book
  • Awesome work so far - tell them how many downloads and reviews you have so far and encourage more to do so
  • Book launch day - let them be part of the excitement and celebration, remind them to post on social media to spread the word

Here is a sample overview of what to send to your launch team:

(Feel free to use this for your upcoming launch!)


“Here’s an overview of what to expect from your important role on this launch team! I will make the book available to you on Amazon prior to our launch date. Then, it’s go time! 


At that time, please follow these 4 steps:

  1. Purchase: First, buy your copy of the book for $0.99 on Amazon.
  2. Read: Next, read the book or skim through a few chapters that stand out to you if you’re in need of a short-cut.
  3. Review: Then, leave an honest rating and review on Amazon. Each review helps spark interest in potential readers AND helps this book climb the charts and rank at the top of its categories.
  4. Share: Lastly, post a photo and link to the book on Amazon during Launch Week on your social media accounts.


Thank you again for believing in this book and helping me spread this message to as many people as possible! I am forever grateful for your time and support.”


Book launches can seem daunting, but remember that you have a whole community of authors who are there to help you through it.