Help! I'm Stuck in the "Self-Doubt" Stage!

Regardless of where you are in the process, start your journey today to facing self doubt.

We spend minutes, hours, sometimes even days building up and encouraging other people. Telling them how proud we are of them, how wonderful and talented they are, how it’s okay to make mistakes, teaching them how to get back up when they have failed.


Yet, we struggle to do the same for ourselves.


Today’s society seems to strip away our self-love and confidence from a young age, and many times we never quite seem to get it back fully.


If you’re like me (and most writers out there), you’ll have moments of weakness when self doubt is that quiet voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough, smart enough, talented enough, or worthy of being heard.


Self doubt is a combination of our fears, getting stuck in the comparison trap, and even a lack of self-love or confidence.


Regardless of where you are in the process, start your journey today to facing self doubt. Then bring that love and confidence back with you to your writing and see the effects it has on your life and career.


Let’s get started.

#1 - Don’t let your inner critic win

Positive thinking leads to positive action which leads to a positive life. 


Sounds simple, yet so many of us struggle with this. It’s a challenge we must work hard to overcome.


That inner critic is a persistent little bugger! It’ll keep trying to cast doubts on you, but don’t let it win.


Acknowledge each thought as it passes by and actively adjust your mindset, words, and thoughts.


When you recognize your inner critic is on the prowl, have a go-to phrase you can say out loud to diffuse that negative inner voice. Okay so you might look a little crazy talking to yourself, but aren’t we all a bit crazy?


Great go-to phrases include:

  • “Stop!”
  • “I’m better than this!”
  • “You won’t bring me down!”
  • “No! I’ve got this!”

#2 - Be self-aware

It’s helpful to know what your strengths and weaknesses are when facing your inner critic. Doubts don’t politely knock on your door. They just barge right in so you need to be prepared!


Knowing your strengths and weaknesses well helps you spot when your inner critic is being a phoney and trying to steer you off course.


Weaknesses don’t mean you’re not good enough. It simply means you have to work a bit harder in that particular area. Doubts like to cling to your weaknesses, but don’t let them!

#3 - Avoid comparing yourself to others

It is unfortunate that we are so caught up in comparing ourselves to others because we have constant access to the digital perception of people’s lives. 


It is easy and exciting for people to highlight their successes on social media and hide their struggles along the way. However, the reality is that everyone experiences ups and downs and that is perfectly normal. 


Everyone’s journey to success is different. What works for one person might not work for you and that is okay!

Do your best to avoid comparing yourself to others. The path you are on will lead you to where you are meant to be. Believe that with all of your heart.

#4 - Have a go-to positivity person

Who lifts you up? Who believes in you? Who helps you believe in yourself again?


Life is that much sweeter when you have someone you can lean on for some inspiration and motivation. This go-to person believes in you and is willing to remind you of that even when your doubts make their way into your mind.


Let’s take this a step further. How can you be this person for someone else on their journey?

#5 - Understand that setbacks will happen

Experiencing a setback doesn’t mean you’re suddenly not meant to be an author even though sometimes it may feel that way.


It means you need to figure out the root of the problem so you can properly address it. If you’re unsure how to address it, find someone who does know so you can learn. There are so many incredible authors who have walked this path and know the journey you are traveling. They are willing to help and guide you along the way.

#6 - Build yourself back up

Have a short list of your favorite motivational quotes and inspirational songs to turn to on those tough days. Ones that will inspire you, motivate you, remind you of why you are working so hard toward this goal.

#7 - Ceeelebrate good times!

You are on your way to becoming a published author. Not many people can say that. Celebrate your small successes along the way!


Begin facing self-doubt today so you can reach the success and happiness you desire in your personal life and your career.