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What are some deals exclusive to Self-Publishing School and where can I find the discounts?

Aside from the lifetime access to the course, another perk of being a Self-Publishing School student is you can take advantage of amazing deals and discounts exclusive to Self-Publishing School!

We have partnered with some of the great services and companies in the Self-Publishing industry to provide you with the best deals that can help you successfully publish your book. 

Log-in to the course and at the bottom of the page click the icon for "SPS Student Deals or select the tab that says "SPS Deals" within any of the course icons. 

Important reminder:

Make sure to sign-up for the services or product you'd like to avail with one of our partners through the link we provided in the course to avail the discount.

You'll find great discounts for Publisher Rocket (formerly KDP Rocket), Scrivener, 100 Covers, Pro Writing Aid, and many more!