Self-Publishing School Support

There are a number of ways in which you can find answers to your most pressing questions at Self-Publishing School

Here are the top four ways to find the support you're looking for:

  1. The Course
  2. The Mastermind Community Search Bar
  3. The Self-Publishing School Help Center
  4. Coaching Calls (with your 1-1 coach or one of the Weekly Milestone Group Coaching Calls)

The Course...

Pretty much every question you'll have about writing, producing, and publishing your book will be inside the course. But, some people forget there is a search bar inside the course to help you find what you need.

Also, when you click "Complete and Continue" at the end of each module, you'll know exactly where you left off the last time you logged in.

Please know everything you need to write and publish your book to best seller is inside the course!

    The Mastermind Community Search Bar... 

    Is a very powerful (and under-utilized!) tool inside of the MC. If you have a question about a previous post, writing, book production, or marketing, there's a good chance another author has had the same question. Here's what you can do:

    1. Go to the Mastermind Community
    2. On the left hand side of the page, there is a "Search this group" bar
    3. Type in a keyword for your question (for example, type in "mind map")
    4. Explore all of the posts from other authors, SPS Coaches, and the SPS Student Success team

    The Self-Publishing School Help Center...

    Is filled with articles answering some of the most common questions that student's have asked our Student Success team. Here's how it works:

    1. Go to
    2. Type your question in the search bar (or use the different categories to find a related article)
    3. Articles related to your question will pop up
    4. Feel free to let us know if you found an article helpful or not by clicking "Yes" or "No" when asked "Was this article helpful?" This way we'll know the article needs to be improved. 
    5. Open a Support Ticket if you have any question - this is the best way to get in touch with our Student Success team. 

      Your Personal Coach...

      Is an expert that you'll be working directly with as you begin this journey to write and publish your book. But please know that your coach may not be available at all hours of the day, seven days a week.

      Given the nature of your coach's schedule, he or she is a great resource through your personal coaching calls. Coaches are unable to provide email support as their time is fully devoted to providing support to our students face-to-face during your coaching calls.

      Before each of your one-on-one coaching calls, you will receive an accountability form that you are required to complete. This form includes space for you to list any questions you'd like to discuss during your coaching call to make sure you get everything covered!

      Weekly Group Coaching Calls are great for...

      We're constantly finding ways to provide more value to our students through Group Coaching Calls. Please visit the link below to find all of the different Group Coaching Calls we're hosting every single week inside of the Mastermind Community:

      All the details you'll need about the Group Coaching Calls are available by clicking on the name of the call. Please click "Going" under the Group Coaching Call you're interested in attending so you receive Facebook Notifications before the call begins!