How Can I Track my Progress Inside Teachable?

Keep track of your progress in each module to keep yourself on track!

Once you click into a module inside Teachable, you'll see a progress bar with a percentage at the top left of the page. This indicates your overall progress through the program.

  1. Open the module you're currently in. In this example, I'm starting the "Are you ready to launch" section inside the Sell More Books - Launch Strategies module. As you can see, the progress is currently at 0%.
  2. Once I complete this section, I'm going to click "Complete and continue ->" at the top right of the page.

3. Now, the "Are you ready to launch" module is "complete" (it's checked off) and the progress bar has updated to 5% complete.


4. The next module "Understanding Amazon's Algorithm" has now opened, so I can get started on it right away.