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When are the Weekly Milestone Group Coaching Calls in the Mastermind Community?

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Here is a calendar view of the Milestone Weekly Group Coaching Calls

In the bottom left corner of the calendar it says "Events shown in time zone: Pacific Time."

This means you may have to convert the time from Pacific Time into your local time zone.

Need help with converting time zones?

Click here to access World Time Buddy

World Time Buddy allows you to compare multiple time zones at a glance. Use it to easily compare the Pacific Time zone to your local time zone. 

Want to add the SPS Mastermind Community calendar to your Google Calendar?

Click here to "subscribe" to the SPS Mastermind Community calendar. You'll see every Weekly Group Coaching Call in your Google Calendar! 

Here is a list of the different Milestone Group Coaching Calls:


Having trouble seeing the Events tab in the Mastermind Community?

You may have Facebooks "beta" version of Facebook Groups. This means some views in the group are limited. If you're having trouble seeing the Events tab on Facebook, watch the video below.