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How do I Log In to or Access the Course Building for Authors Program in Teachable?

If you signed up for Course Building for Authors (CBA), please watch this video!

A few minutes after signing up for Course Building for Authors (CBA), we sent you an email with the subject line:

"ATTN: Self Publishing School Enrolment Email" 

Please check your spam folder or the "Promotions" tab inside of Gmail if you haven't received this email yet. 

  1. Open that email to find your Username and Password (these are created for you)
  2. Your Username is the email address you signed up for SPS with.
  3. Your Password is listed in the email.
  4. Click the "Start Here: Student Orientation / Getting Started Checklist" link.
  5. Save this link to sign in to your course again: https://students.self-publishingschool.com

Ps. You can change your password after logging into the program. Click here to learn how to change your password.

PPs. If you already have an account on Teachable, you'll see any other courses you've signed up with (using the same email address) after you log in.