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What is List Building for Authors?

Check out this article to know if List Building for Authors is right for you.

List Building For Authors Cover

Who is this for?

This is for authors that would like to grow their email list and reach their target audience. 

What will you cover? 

We will teach you how to grow your list from 0 to 1000 subscribers in under 180 days, and how to reach out and collaborate with other authors.

Is this a digital or tangible product?

This is an online product. Once you enroll, we will email you with the login details.

When does the discount expire?

The discount will expire on December 25th. So make sure to enroll before to take advantage of the discount! 

Does any of this content overlap with any other courses/programs at Self-Publishing School?

There is only a minor overlap with our Sell More Books program, less than 5%. If anything this will be a valuable add-on that will be helpful to you wherever you are in your author journey.

Need to talk to someone about the program?

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