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I Have a Question, But My Coaching Call Isn't for Another Week (or two)

Do you have a question (writing, publishing, or marketing) and need immediate assistance?

Please know your coach has your best interest at heart. They are here to help you succeed! As a matter of fact, the entire team at Self-Publishing School believes that we are only successful if YOU are succesful.

But, your coach may not be available at a moments notice to answer your immediate questions.

Follow these suggestions to get answers to your questions, fast:

Ask your question on the Weekly Group Coaching Call

    1. Weekly Group Coaching Calls take place every Monday night at 8pm ET in the MC
    2. Post your question in the comment thread before the call.
    3. Every Group Coaching Call is recorded, so you can watch it at a later time.
    4. Approx. 80 SPS students join us every Monday night to get their questions answered.

Search inside the Mastermind Community.

    1. In the Mastermind Community, there is a "Search this group" bar on the left hand side of the page.
    2. Type in a keyword about your question (for example, type "mind map" into the search bar and you'll see every post inside the Mastermind Community with the phrase "mind map" in it).

Post your question in the Mastermind Community.

  1. Be sure to read the Mastermind Community's "Group Rules" before posting!