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How do I Cancel or Reschedule My Coaching Call?

You don't... here's why.

When a student cancels, our stats show that they're 80% less likely to finish their course! Now, we understand life happens, but unless you're in the hospital or have a family emergency we will NOT accept a reschedule or cancellation request.

If you are...

  • Concerned about your progress
  • Feeling like you didn't meet your goals
  • Unusually busy
  • Overwhelmed by all you need to do with your book

The best course of action is to stick with your call. Your coach is equipped and ready to help you through each of these barriers.


For your information, below is our cancellation policy. This is listed on all confirmation emails and scheduled calls.
We have a zero cancellation policy for coaching calls between students and coaches. If it's an emergency and you cannot make it to the call, please get in touch with our support team and they'll reschedule the call and let us know.
If you miss a call and it's not an emergency, this will result in a lost call. Meaning, even though we did not talk, it will still count as one of your seven calls.
We are here to support you and we are here to hold you accountable. If you feel like you're "not ready" for the call... you NEED the call!
*Declining the invite does NOT cancel your call. Attempting to cancel your call in this way will forfeit your call.*


Now... if you have to cancel due to an illness or life & death situation, please submit a ticket to our help desk (just click on the "Help" icon in the bottom, right-hand corner). Our team will let your coach know and get you rebooked.

P.S. If you do need to cancel a coaching call, please try and do so as early as possible.

We'd like to open that time slot to other students who may be waiting to have a coaching call!