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How do I Reschedule my Coaching Call?

We REALLY would rather you didn't... here's why.

When a student cancels, our stats show that they're 80% less likely to finish their course! Now, we understand life happens, but unless you're in the hospital or have a family emergency we encourage you to keep that call!

If you are...

Concerned about your progress

Feeling like you didn't meet your goals

Unusually busy

Overwhelmed by all you need to do with your book

The best course of action is to stick with your call. Your coach is equipped and ready to help you through each of these barriers. Don't worry, YOU WILL PUBLISH IF YOU STICK WITH THE PROGRAM!🎉🎊


Now... if you really really have to cancel, when you booked your call, you received a confirmation email. Within this email are cancellation instructions. Please follow these instructions to cancel your coaching call.

Ps. If you do need to cancel a coaching call, please try and do so as early as possible.

We'd like to open that time slot to other students who may be waiting to have a coaching call!