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What is the Write Now Book Challenge?

When does the challenge start, who is it for, and more!

When does the Write Now Book Challenge start?

We start April 20th and go through April 24th. We'll be sending an email with the full schedule and times. Keep an eye on your email!

Who is this challenge for?

This challenge is for non-fiction authors who haven't yet started their book and most importantly - who have always wanted to write (and publish!) a book. Whether you have one book idea or many - this is for you!

How will each day work?

Day 1: Confirm and solidify your book idea

Day 2: Define your avatar and WHO you're writing to

Day 3: Mindmap and organizing your thoughts

Day 4: How to turn your mindmap into an outline

Day 5: Critical next steps for success and student Q&A

Can I bring a friend to this challenge.. for free?

Yes! In fact, we strongly recommend it. Just share this link with your network so they can get a free ticket to attend: https://bit.ly/3J7l5lO