What Are The New Workshops? I Need More Info!

Check out this article for all things workshops!

Beginning in March, 2021, Self-Publishing School began running monthly workshops for the Become a Bestseller, Sell More Books, and Fundamentals of Fiction programs.

The Sell More Books workshop is only for Sell More Books students.

The Write Your Book workshop is open to Become a Bestseller students.

The Launch Your Book workshop is open to Become a Bestseller, Fundamentals of Fiction, and Children's Book School students. 

All Workshops are recorded and the link to rewatch the workshop will be sent after the workshop is complete.

There are two ways you can join a workshop: 

  1. Self-Publishing School will reach out to student's who are in the program, and in the right stage of the program, for the upcoming workshop.
  2. Students can request to join an upcoming workshop by submitting a Support Ticket.

Joining the workshop is easy:

  1. We'll send you an RSVP form. Submit the RSVP form to attend a workshop
  2. You'll receive reminder emails of the date and time of the upcoming workshop
  3. On the day and time of the workshop, fill out the Attendance Form (you'll receive this via email) and you'll be redirected into the Workshop Zoom link.
    1. Submitting the attendance form is important - this allows us to easily send you the resources discussed on the workshop.