What and When is "Check-In" for Author Advantage Live 2023?

Check-In takes place on Wednesday June 7th from 9am - 7pm ET

What is "Check-In"?

Check-In is required. During Check-In, you'll confirm your Zoom's audio and video settings are working correctly. You'll learn how and where you can easily access the Author Advantage Live Virtual Experience. 

Getting "Checked-In" also means you have access to your Virtual Experience Dashboard.

The Dashboard is where you'll join the Virtual Experience, interact with other attendees and speakers, and perform activities that'll help you get Advantage Points. More on that later.

When is "Check-In"?

Check-In takes place on Tuesday June 6th and Wednesday June 7th from 9am - 7pm ET.

Check your email regularly on Tuesday and Wednesday June 7th for the subject line "Author Advantage Live Starts Today."

Click the link inside this email to follow the simple check-in instructions. You can complete check-in in less than 5 minutes :)