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The Rough Draft Rally: Write More Words and Win!

Complete your rough draft by January 31, 2022! The more words you write, the more chances you have to win great prizes!

Self Publishing School is on a mission to help you complete your rough draft.

The only way to eat an elephant is by taking one bite at a time, and the only way to finish your rough draft is by writing one word at a time.

Here’s how the January Rough Draft Rally works:

  • The Rough Draft Rally runs from January 1 - January 31
  • Submit your Daily Word Count (not the total word count of your book) in the Word Count Tracker
  • Fill out this form when you've completed your rough draft.

Rough Draft Rally Goal

Our goal is to see SPS authors complete 50 Rough Drafts by January 31st. 
Authors can use the Word Count Tracker to measure their progress through the month of January. 

Join the Writing Room:

Each week, you can join a virtual workspace to make progress on your rough draft in the company of other SPS authors.

Join "The Writing Room" Group Coaching Call every Tuesday and Thursday. Details are in the Group Coaching Call Calendar

Using the Word Count Tracker: 

You can find the Word Count Tracker by clicking here or by logging into your course and clicking on Tools, then Word Count Progress Tracker.

Using the calendar, select the date. Next, let us know how many words you wrote on that day. Then, hit submit! 

You'll receive different badges for the amount of progress you've made and you may even show up in one of the "Total Words Written" or "Consecutive Streak of Days Writing" leaderboards! 

Video Walkthrough of How to Submit Your Word Count:


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