What is a Welcome Call?

A Welcome Call is like an orientation call with our Student Success team on Zoom to make sure you're getting off to a great start!

Think of the Welcome Call as an orientation call since you're a new student at Self-Publishing School.

Your Group Welcome Call will be on Zoom. You'll receive reminder emails with the Zoom link included.

We'll cover things like:

  • Ensure you have access to everything you need to (course content, Mastermind Community, etc.)
  • Book your first 1-1 coaching call with your coach
  • Connect you with other authors
  • Explain the importance of joining launch teams
  • Learn more about you, your challenges, and your goals as an author
  • Answer any questions you may have so far in the process

The best way to prepare for the Welcome Call is to complete the Orientation inside of your program. 

Also, make sure you download and test your Zoom account before the call!