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When is Chandler's Weekly Live Group Coaching Call With Sean Sumner?

Chandler hosts a Weekly Group Coaching Call, with Sean Sumner, every Monday night at 5:00pm ET / 2:00pm PST

Chandler Bolt and Sean Sumner host the Weekly Group Coaching Calls inside the Mastermind Community every Monday night at 5PM Eastern/ 2PM Pacific.

Get answers to your most pressing writing, publishing and marketing questions directly from Chandler and Sean!

You can also go to self-publishingschool.com/groupcalls to access all upcoming Group Coaching Calls in the community.

Click on "Going" and you'll get notifications when the call goes live. Also, you can submit questions ahead of time by commenting on the post inside the event.

When Chandler and Sean's Group Coaching call goes live, you will get a notification inside the Mastermind Community on Facebook. 

Books that are getting launched within the week gets announced in the Weekly Coaching calls as well so if you need to add the book to the announcement check out this article.