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What is selfpublishing.com Mastermind Community+?

selfpublishing.com Mastermind Community+ includes the Facebook Mastermind Community, PLUS a whole lot more!

A history of the Private, selfpublishing.com Mastermind Community Facebook Group

From 2015-2019, Chandler hosted a single Facebook Live every week in the Mastermind Community with Sean Sumner. Sean also hosted Expert Hangouts that focused on exciting new trends and tools available to authors.

Every call was super valuable, and students like you asked for more support and connection. 

In 2020 we introduced over ten Group Coaching Calls every single week in the Mastermind Community. The positive feedback came quickly: students valued Group Coaching, connection, and personal relationships with authors and members of the selfpublishing.com team.

We iterated further, and began offering Milestone-specific Group Coaching led by selfpublishing.com Coaches. 

And now, the Mastermind Community is no longer just the Mastermind Community. It’s the selfpublishing.com Mastermind Community+ over twenty Group Coaching Calls each week. Plus monthly Author Connect events. Plus product-specific Workshops every month. Plus even more... 

Introducing selfpublishing.com Mastermind Community+

With selfpublishing.com Mastermind Community+, you’ll continue to have access to selfpublishing.com's Mastermind Community, plus all of these things:

  • Access to the exclusive Selfpublishing.com Mastermind Community Facebook group (access includes both Non-Fiction and Fiction groups)
  • Access to hundreds of Group Coaching Calls over the course of the year ($2,000+ value)
  • Access to Workshops (a combination of Q&A And implementation on specific topics of the writing and publishing processes ($5,000+ value)

So now, the Mastermind Community is the selfpublishing.com Mastermind Community+ all of these other benefits. Hence, the name selfpublishing.com Mastermind Community+. 

Who is eligible for selfpublishing.com Mastermind Community+?

Short answer: If you're on this page, you're eligible! :)

Longer answer: When you sign up for a Selfpublishing.com core offer program, you receive a free one-year trial to selfpublishing.com Mastermind Community+ with the purchase. Core offers include: Become a Bestseller, Fundamentals of Fiction, Children's Book School, Market Your Book, Full-Time Fiction, PR & Speaking, or Course Building for Authors.

If your free one-year trial is about to expire (or already expired), you can choose a monthly or annual subscription plan to keep access to selfpublishing.com Mastermind Community+.

If I'm in the Fiction program, can I get selfpublishing.com Mastermind Community+ to stay in the Fiction Mastermind Community, Fiction Group Coaching Calls, etc?

Absolutely! When you sign up, our system will know that you're a Fiction student and you'll keep your access accordingly. 

How will I be notified of my subscription renewal so I can renew in the future?

The length of access to selfpublishing.com Mastermind Community+ begins on the purchase date and will automatically renew at the end of the term outlined on your invoice. You can request cancellation prior to your renewal date by opening a Support Ticket. You will be notified of an upcoming renewal at least one week prior to your renewal date.

This seems like a crazy amount of value for such a low price. Is there a catch?

We agree, it is a crazy amount of value for a very low price. But there's no catch. We just like you! We want to help as many authors as possible, and we want you to continue enjoying your selfpublishing.com Mastermind Community+ experience! We look forward to seeing you around! Sign up TODAY by sending an email to support@self-publishingschool.com!