What is the SPS Library, and How Do I Get My Book in the SPS Library?

The SPS Library showcases books published by Students of Self-Publishing School!

Every day, 1-2 books are published by Self-Publishing School Students. Pretty incredible, isn't it?

The Library is our way of celebrating the success of our students in one single place. Search by genre, the search bar, or simply glance through the many books on the page to support our students!

Share the SPS Library with your friends to promote your book, and add the SPS Library link to your website to help drive traffic to your book (and also to books published by other SPS students!) You can buy a student's books directly from the SPS Library - meaning it's even easier to support our students.

Here's the link: self-publishingschool.com/library

How do I get my book in the SPS Library?

Simply fill out the SPS Book Launch Promo Form from inside the Become a Bestseller course. Not only will we announce your book on the Monday Night Weekly Group Coaching Call, but we'll also add your book to the SPS Library!

Not a Self-Publishing School student yet?

We'd love to chat with you and learn more about your goals as an author - whether you're just getting started with an idea or have already published multiple books!

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