What is Lead Magnets & Landing Pages for Authors?

Lead Magnets & Landing Pages use real examples to help you offer an effective lead magnet and build landing pages that meet your needs.

This is a 9-module course dedicated to teaching authors how to create lead magnets in their books and set up landing pages in order to grow their email list on auto-pilot so they can sell more books. Our course is specifically designed to help authors navigate a very confusing online world of book marketing quickly and easily so they can get back to doing what they love most: writing and publishing books.

How much is it?

Full price: $397

Sale price: $147

What's Included?


We'll break down exactly what a lead magnet is, and more importantly, why you need them in order to grow your author income and platform to sell more books on a consistent basis.


Not all lead magnets are created equal. We'll go through exactly why type of lead magnet will not only get you more subscribers, but what will get you the RIGHT subscribers who are most likely to buy your book and future ones you publish.


Not only is the type of lead magnet important, but crafting the full asset to actually benefit the person receiving it can be both challenging and the one indicator of a loyal book-buyer in the future.


We'll go through screen shares of how we personally create quiz funnels as lead magnets that tell us more about our target audience (that we can use to market to them better!), as well as screen shares of how to make high quality graphics without needing to know graphic design at all.


Your landing page is where you'll send people so they can get your lead magnet. The way it's constructed can mean the difference between a long-term subscriber or someone who sees it and leaves without a trace. We'll show you exactly what you need.


Whether you have budget to spend on an email provider and landing page software or if you need one for free, we'll walk you through the different options available for your unique needs and goals.


Most importantly, we'll connect all of these pieces to help you put together the full scope, from lead magnet sample in your book to your landing page to delivering the freebie itself, and how you can utilize these steps to sell more books along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I haven't actually published my book yet?

Then this is the perfect course for you! The best place to start when it comes to growing an email list is in the planning phase. This can help you better pair a lead magnet with your book and get subscribers right from the start—not to mention having a much stronger book launch!

What makes this lead magnet and landing page product different from the rest?

We know there's a lot of information online about lead magnets and landing pages...but there is nothing purely for authors at this level. Not only will you learn the basics of lead magnets and landing pages in general, but you'll specifically learn how to pair this with your book in order to increase subscribers and attract the kinds of readers who will continue buying your books.

What if I don't have a book? 

That's okay! If you don't have a book yet, but know eventually you WILL have one, then you will learn a ton from this course that you will be able to start implementing and generating ideas from when it comes time to start working on a book. You can even take what you've learned in the course to build a framework for your book and a strategy that will be ready to go right when your book is done and published.

What if I don't have budget for special marketing softwares?

You don't need it! We offer examples of both paid and FREE options when it comes to softwares. We know budding authors may not have as much budget to spend on this, and wanted to make sure all the options were on the table so you can be just as successful as anyone who has extra savings to spend.

I am brand new to the book marketing world, will I still be able to follow along?

Absolutely! We specifically designed this course for non-marketers. Meaning all of the information will be for people who may have never even heard of what a "lead magnet" is, but it's also for anyone looking for a strategy specifically for authors when it comes to growing their email list, even if you're familiar with the basics.

Will this work for both fiction and nonfiction authors?

YES! From the beginning, we knew how important it was to create a course that taught authors of all styles, genres, and backgrounds how to effectively use lead magnets to grow their email lists. This means our examples and strategies will include both fiction and nonfiction for you to learn from.