You've RSVP'd to Author Advantage Live 2023. Now What?

Step 1: Join the Author Advantage Live Facebook Group Step 2: Get ready to Check-In on June 7 (required!)

Step 1: Join the Author Advantage Live Facebook Group

Click here to join the Author Advantage Live Virtual Experience Facebook Group.

Be sure to introduce yourself to the group and connect with other attendees! 

Step 2: Block the time in your calendar!

Make sure you've completely blocked off June 8 - 10th.

Treat this the same as if you were attending in-person. We'd love to see you fully engaged for the full three days! 

Step 3: Prepare for Check-In (June 7 between 9am - 7pm ET)

Click here to learn more about the Check-In process.

Getting "Checked-In" means you have access to your Virtual Experience Dashboard.

The Dashboard is where you'll join the Virtual Experience, interact with other attendees and speakers, and perform activities that'll help you get Advantage Points.

Check-In will take place on June 7th from 9am - 7pm ET. 

Keep an eye on your email inbox as that's where you'll received Check-In instructions.