Author Advantage Live Check-In

Be sure to check-in prior to the event starting!


The first thing you do at any conference is a check-in! Our Virtual Experience is no exception.

To ensure that you're able to get connected with the virtual experience, all AAL ticket holders will be required to go through a check-in process prior to the event which includes a "Tech Check".

You will receive your first email check-in reminder on the morning of Tuesday, September 22nd.

Your email will have a "Get Checked In!" button to help you complete the check-in process.

During your the "Tech Check" portion of the check-in, you'll be able to ensure that you have full access to your dashboard, and you'll be prompted to join a brief Zoom meeting where event personnel will help you to make sure that you can easily join us in the main stage room on Thursday.

You may check-in on Tuesday, September 22nd or Wednesday, September 23rd between 10:30 am ET and 7 pm ET.

You will be receiving email reminders to check-in until your check-in is completed.

Don't forget, the Virtual Experience will be happening via Zoom. If you haven't downloaded Zoom yet, you can download it here for free.

If You Have Not Gone Through Check-In Yet

Our goal is for you to be set up for success For the Virtual Experience.

With this in mind, we're tracking whether or not you've checked in.

You will continue to receive email reminders from the email address to check-in until your check-in is completed.

The subject line of this email is "Author Advantage Live Starts Today! (well, for you it does)"

Please have patience and continue to search your email inbox for the subject line above. 

If you need further support

We're here to help!

Please click here to learn how to open a Support Ticket with the SPS team and we'll help you from there (this is the best way to get in touch with our team).