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Author Advantage Live Virtual Experience Agenda

The Author Advantage Live Virtual Experience Agenda

We can't wait to see you LIVE at the Virtual Experience!

Block Sept. 24th, 25th, and 26th off your calendar for the following times:

Sept. 24th: 10:30am - 8:30pm ET

Sept. 25th: 10:30am - 8:30pm ET

Sept. 26th: 10:30am - 6:00pm ET

Lunch breaks are tentatively scheduled for 60 minutes at 2:15 pm ET.
This event is designed to be a fully immersive and interactive event that is just like AAL in-person events. To get the most out of your event, it is important that you block all day for the event days to ensure you are focused and ready.

Day 1: Get Published

Dillon Barr: Limiting Beliefs & Why Your Story Matters

Gary Williams: Know Your Audience

Ramy Vance: How to Become the Hero

Chandler Bolt: Fundamentals of a Bestseller

Day 2: Get Noticed

Ruth Soukup: Do It Scared

Chandler Bolt: PR & Publicity

Sloane Ketcham: Create Your Pitch & Hook

Sloane Ketcham: How to Monetize Your First 5 Gigs

Day 3: Get Profitable

Chandler Bolt: How to Scale Profitably

Sean Sumner: How to Build Your Webinar

Chad Aleo: The Mindset and Skills to Start Selling Confidently

Ashton Searcy: How to Set Up a Funnel

Ashton Searcy: Scaling Ads

Remember, this is not a webinar. It's not a recording. It's not a "show up and listen" event.

This is a Virtual Experience. It will be interactive. You'll be fully engaged over the course of these three days. 

Be sure to block your calendar so you can give the Virtual Experience your undivided attention.

If you need to know what time that will be for you locally, check out WorldTimeBuddy.com for time conversions!