How Can I Bookmark the Course Login Page?

It's a good idea to bookmark the course so you can easily access it later

First off, what does "bookmarking a page" mean?

Bookmarking a page means you're saving a website address to enable quick access in the future. After you have bookmarked a web page, you can simply click your bookmark button to access that page.

Next time you log into the program, I suggest you bookmark the page:

  1. Go to the course login page (
  2. Click Bookmarks (or click the star symbol to the right of the website address bar)
  3. Click "Bookmark this page"
  4. Create a name for your bookmark (Ex.: SPS Login Page)
  5. Choose to add the bookmark to a Folder, or choose "Bookmarks Bar"
  6. Now your page is bookmarked!

Next time you want to access the course, just click on the bookmark and you'll be taken to the login page.

Click here to get more instructions on how to create a bookmark with different web browsers.