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What is an Accountability Partner? Where Can I Find One?

An Accountability Partner is someone who will hold you accountable to your book-writing goals.

They're a lot like a "gym buddy" in the sense that your Accountability Partner will encourage you to show up and write, even on days where you don't want to. Share your successes, failures, and ideas with your Accountability Partner to stay on track, problem-solve, and get your book published.

Accountability Partners chat over Zoom, FB Messenger, the phone, or even email to stay up to date with each other. Share your goals so there is a "north star" you both can work towards.

Click here to be taken to the Accountability Partner thread in the Mastermind Community. You'll see a lot of other students also looking for an Accountability Partner so feel free to check out the thread before posting :)

We encourage you to post the following information if you're looking for an Accountability Partner:

  1. 2-3 sentences about yourself. What's your super power? What makes you, you?
  2. 2-3 sentences about your book. Who is your book for? What's it about?
  3. The time zone you're in. SPS students are all over the world and you'll want to make sure you find a time that works for both you and your partner.

Feel free to check out the Accountability Partner thread for more inspiration.